LUKE 11:13 

Part 2/3 of my goals in 2017 (please see previous posts for Part 1): the Lord is calling me to give more of myself.

This verse reminds me that the Lord is indeed a loving Father and His generosity knows no limits. This year, the Lord is calling me to imitate Him in His generosity. More specifically, by giving the gift of myself, and to look to Him in the Cross as an example.


PSALM 51:10

 Part 1/3: I have been spending time reflecting on the past year and praying for the Lord to guide me as I create my goals for 2017. So I decided to share with you guys my reflections here in the next few days! 

Firstly, the Lord is calling me to pray for the purity of intention. 

From the CCC:

“Purity of intention”: which consists in seeking the true end of man: with simplicity of vision, the baptized person seeks to find and to fulfill God’s will in everything.


With the grace from God, I am able to let go of anger and forgive others quite easily (most of the time hehe) but one of my greatest challenges is being open to forgiveness. Sometimes it seems that I want to prove that even God cannot forgive me, perceiving such a long distance between Him and I. 
Reading this passage from Luke 15:20 has always comforted me. The father did not wait for the son to come to him, much less have him crawl to him. 

No, it is the Father who makes the first move and runs a long way.