Hello! My name is Thea.
I wanted to start this project as my own little way of sharing God’s Word to others. I am intending to journey with the saint who inspired me to start this labour of love, the Little Flower of Jesus, St Therese of Lisieux, along with my ‘Big 3’ intercessors: St Rita of Cascia, St Teresa of Avila and Ven Fulton Sheen!
Whether reading the daily Scriptures and spiritual books, or listening to homilies and worship songs, I feel compelled to share words that I come across with that seem to echo within my heart and soul. I like to think these messages are God’s “love letters” to me. Upon prayer and meditation, these truths either grant me so much consolation that I feel empowered to love, or they help me see the stains that infect my soul so much that I feel stirred to remove them.
In short, my soul either experiences so much peace or so much sorrow that it pierces my heart.